Oct 31

The 10 most effective natural remedies to quit smoking

That smoking is a habit very harmful for our health and that of those who surround us, is something known, and proven so quit using tobacco is something that you must do at all costs until your health is compromised more, so here are 10 natural and effective remedies to quit smoking.



Hypnotherapy is a discipline that seeks to generate specific answers to certain stimulus in the individual and specific habits, intended to overcome a particular problem, such as that of smoking.

On this point, we have done some research and found that after treatment cessation hypnotherapy, one session a week for two months, was enough to notice positive changes in 40% of patients, whereas if treatment continued longer, positive results could be extended up to 60%.


Among the various types of medicinal plants for treating tobacco dependence, the ginseng has been characterized as a good natural remedy to reduce the pleasure afforded by the act of smoking, without which consume a cigarette does not make much sense, and facilitates its abandonment. This is possible by inhibiting that ginseng produces on the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for providing a sense of well being, which is usually stimulated by nicotine.


As you may know, the real problem of leaving the snuff has to deal with abstinence and all the discomforts that are aroused during it, especially those related to liver health at the beginning of a regime to quit. But these symptoms can be overcome by acupuncture; stimulation induces this alternative therapy for the welfare of the liver, as well as for other health.

Chewing gum:

Possibly eating chewing gum is one of the most common tricks in a smoking cessation treatment, and its effectiveness, although it depends on each patient, because the simple fact of having chewing mouth and mind occupied in this as well as providing a sense of wellbeing, simplifies the process of leaving the snuff. But be careful to choose those sugarless gums, less likely to damage your teeth and your silhouette.


On the ear, a unique form of ear acupuncture, it is one of the most used options to promote the fight against snuff, because it is usually treated with the anxiety, which is often the weak point in any treatment, and improve lung health, which is primarily affected by the negative impact of cigarettes.


Although Valerian is a plant not be suitable for all patients, the daily consumption of infusions prepared with 2 or 3 grams of valerian roots can be as a good tonic to reduce anxiety and stress, and to try frames of nervousness that may lead to smoking as an outlet. This natural remedy for smoking cessation should be consumed preferably before bed, and check that it does not affect intestinal health or headaches occur.


The lobelia is another natural herb used to combat the syndrome of nicotine withdrawal, with a very positive effect considered. So much so, that this plant is often found as an ingredient in some smoking cessation products, but also can be consumed as a tea, as long as it has access to advice from a professional, as improper use could be toxic.


For its part, the oatmeal is an excellent food to add to the diet of a person trying to leave the snuff , as it believes it can influence the decrease of current cigarette smoking, even in those cases it does not follow any treatment.


While the root of ginger is a good option to treat some side effects of anti-smoking regime, such as nausea and anxiety and promotes detoxification of the body through the pores.

Cayenne pepper:

And especially for those times when the craving for cigarette consumption seems to beat you, you can use the cayenne pepper, which also treats the effects of snuff on lung health through its antioxidant and preventive.

All these natural remedies to stop smoking have shown varying degrees of effectiveness, but remember that the primary basis of a successful regime to leave the snuff is willpower and rigor.