Apr 01

Properties of aloe vera for cancer

The cancer is a disease that claims the lives of millions of people. Despite its severity, there are many natural remedies for cancer to which you can use to help a family member, friend, or if you have been diagnosed with cancer to you.

 aloe vera for cancer

Among the medicinal plants have the aloe vera or Aloe Vera . The properties of aloe vera for cancer are unbeatable. It’s a good antitumor and can significantly improve the situation. Although no one knows exactly how it performs the aloe vera cancer r or to cancers is more effective. In many cases the cure has been short while in others, the cancer comes back after healing.

There is an aloe vera treatment for cancer in some cases completely eliminated many kinds of cancer: skin cancer, throat, breast, uterus, prostate, brain, liver, intestine and leukemia. This treatment can be done at any stage of the disease but of course it’s best to do it as soon as possible. Even an excellent way to prevent cancer development.

The treatment with aloe vera for cancer is to prepare an aloe syrup as follows: Two large sheets of Aloe Vera . The leaves should be washed and take out the spines and edges. Approximately 300 grams of Aloe.

Half a kilo of honey. 500 grams of pure honey bees. Avoid processed honey, the better chance that it has a good creamy consistency. Seven or eight tablespoons of brandy or whiskey. We spent the mixer or blender for a few minutes and store in a closed jar in the shade and a cool place.

Take three tablespoons of this syrup per day: one in the morning, once in the afternoon and evening. A half hour before each meal and shaking the bottle before taking it.

With the quantities given here, would have to rise to about ten days. You should not stop treatment until the end of the bottle. You can repeat the treatment after waiting a week without taking aloe syrup.

It is important to combine this treatment with a medical examination and testing to ascertain the state of cancer. You can also get this treatment along with others such as chemotherapy or radiology.