Oct 19

Laughter therapy : Laughter therapy exercises

The laughter therapy group is a discipline that uses various techniques to prepare us physically and emotionally for a laugh. This method helps people achieve a better attitude towards life, also changing the way we think.

People attending the laughter therapy change their emotional state and perception, becoming happy people with great optimism and humor. The laughter therapy main objective is to laugh, or whether the person who comes has to learn to laugh really at times which is more necessary and in times of crisis.

But the main thing is that this laughter must grow from within and is reflected flat, wide and very frank. This therapy is very important in strengthening the development and personal growth, improving self-esteem, confidence, satisfaction, personal, etc.

This laughter therapy has many health properties, but it is very important to understand that this therapy is not curative but is therapeutic. This means that laughter itself is not a cure, but in their favor can say it is very good as a complement to traditional medicine.

It is very important to carry out this laughter therapy, Especially for people who have overcome illness, if that’s the case I recommend you look for information on where to do this type of therapy. It would be nice to start as soon as possible to do the exercises of Laughter Therapy taught in some schools.

Laughter therapy exercises:

The exercises Laughter Therapy are really beneficial, because doing this kind of exercise we carry out around 400 muscles, including some of the stomach that only exercise with laughter.

Also rioterapia exercises help us relax and do it in the bones of the spine and the neck, which mostly tend to accumulate tension. Also making exercises Laughter Therapy cleanse our eyes because they make you laugh out loud makes it vibrate the head, clear the nose, ear and activates the tear glands to laugh because crying our eyes.

Another advantage offered to laughter therapy exercises is that oxygen entering the lungs twice as much air in the lungs and oxygenating the skin too much.

With these exercises are happier because it activates the neuroendocrine system and facilitates the production of neurotransmitters or mediators to the brain. This causes great serenity, reduces anxiety, stress, and increases creativity. Also improves the quality of life in general.

Can make rioterapia exercises all persons, no age limit for people who want to participate and experience the best of results. It is not necessary to be sick or a risk to do it.

This therapy consists of sessions in which they work in groups. Stretching, are performed (through movement unlocks the body and relaxes). Communication is strengthened through the implementation of verbal communication. The aim is uninhibited and create complicity with the other participants. Also performed musical games which are fun and looking back to childhood.