Nov 22

Fights cough with aloe vera and honey

In times when winter begins to be present in some regions of the planet, it never hurts to get their hands on a natural remedy that we avoid the characteristic symptoms presented at this time, I mean especially cough.

In today offer a home remedy for cough, based on two ingredients widely used in folk medicine: honey and aloe vera. Both agents are very healthy in many ways, and in relation to the aloe its applications are much more even than honey. In this case, acting in combination, and the preparation of this natural remedy is very simple.

You should just get a little aloe leaf. Try to peel and leave nothing but the pulp itself. Place in a quart of boiling water you extract juice from the pulp and the same amount of honey. Mix the water until dissolved. You can eat a cup of this remedy every morning to relieve cough.

This remedy is useful because both aloe and honey restore damaged tissue and restored to its original state normal.

Be sure to keep chilled water, and if you do it will be useful up to a week. We recommend, however, that you consult your physician if you consume some type of medication that can react negatively with aloe vera.

Reduce cough with aloe and honey:

The cough is annoying in itself, and when an attack comes cough remedies must be sought to combat it effectively. In this sense, home remedies are the best choice because they act better than conventional syrups, and they have a much more soothing.

We present today a home remedy for cough, combined with two ingredients well known in the field of natural remedies: honey and aloe vera. Both components are known for their soothing effect, and combining involves multiplying their effectiveness.

The aloe and honey work repairing irritated tissues, and in the case of honey to this feature adds the ability to add energy to our body to recover more quickly from the cough.

This home remedy is a combination of aloe vera and honey in equal parts. And toss into boiling water and swallow the liquid as a tea until you consider that enough.