Jul 24

Cinnamon tea to treat colds

While in many parts of the globe currently enjoying the summer and outside in the cold winter other is felt the most, and, oddly enough, both stations share one of the most common health problems: the cold.


The cinnamon and colds:

Although we believe in the first instance that this condition is caused by only body cooling or low temperature, could also be due to inadequate exposure to sunlight, so today we brought you a very simple home remedy that you can prepare wherever you are and so treat your cold naturally.

This is the infusion of cinnamon, a preparation which is used the bark of this aromatic plant to relieve cold and some of its most common symptoms such as fever and distemper.

In addition, cinnamon has excellent toning effect on the stomach, so if you suffer from any digestive problems such as stomach pain or gas, the infusion of cinnamon also helps you address these problems.

How to prepare an infusion of cinnamon for colds:

This recipe is very easy to do. You only need 1 cup water and 3 grams of cinnamon bark, which can be purchased at any supermarket or grocery store. To prepare the infusion, first put the kettle on while you put cinnamon in a pot or directly into the cup.

When water is boiling, pour over the cinnamon and let the active ingredients enliven the plant for about 10 minutes. Your school now home remedy and you’re ready to eat, still the best way to do it in 3 daily doses of ½ cup of hot cinnamon tea.

Probably not delay more than 15 minutes to have the tea ready to eat, so you will have no excuse to stay in bed the next time the sneezing and fever become present.