Oct 27

Acupuncture will not be effective in cardiac patients

Whenever from we have any news regarding the benefits of acupuncture seek to impart, since this technique of Chinese medicine has many health benefits and has proven effective in countless opportunities.

However, it is important to be fair and point out the opportunities in which acupuncture proves to be effective, they know the boundaries of alternative medicine also helps to define it as a specialty would not unnecessarily disparage its implementation.

We talked about an investigation in which a team of researchers conducted a survey of about 10 studies that worked with acupuncture and encompassing 711 patients, in which attempted to verify the benefits of acupuncture in relation to cardiovascular health.

The conclusion of this review was that in general the practice of alternative medicine is not an appropriate treatment in patients who suffered heart attacks or had some type of cardiovascular problem. In fact, in studies which came to opposite conclusions, the evidence seemed to be enough.

The research is inconclusive in this regard, and applies to properly define the practice and its scope. Thus, if you have recommended acupuncture after having suffered a heart attack, better consult your doctor for their effectiveness.